Wood to Wow: Can You (and Should You) Install Composite Decking Over Existing Wooden Decking?

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Has your wooden deck seen better days but the structure is still intact? Have you been toying with the idea of converting to composite decking, but you don’t want to tear your existing structure down?

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the upside to composite decking, doing a quick analysis on whether your current deck would be conducive to the upgrade, giving you pointers on how you might achieve it as well as a few tips on how to avoid possible disaster.


From Bland to Grand: A look at the benefits of composite decking

Composite decking is the ultimate game-changer for lackluster outdoor spaces. Its unparalleled durability ensures resistance to warping, rotting, and splintering, guaranteeing a long-lasting deck. Embrace the freedom of minimal maintenance, leaving more time for enjoyment. With an array of colours and textures, composite decking effortlessly enhances any space with an elegant touch. Plus, its eco-friendly composition, often using recycled materials, makes it a sustainable choice. Transform your wooden deck into a grand, eye-catching masterpiece with the undeniable wow-factor of composite decking.


Deck-a-nalysis Time: Is Your Old Wooden Deck Ready for a Composi-Makeover?

Before embracing the allure of composite decking, a thorough assessment of your existing wooden deck is essential. Check the structure for stability, ensuring it’s free from decay, rot, or insect damage. Examine the surface for splintering or loose boards, as a smooth and even foundation is necessary for the composite installation. Address any moisture or mold issues, as composite decking is moisture-resistant but should not be installed over damp surfaces. Verify the joist spacing adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the composite material you plan to use. 

Lastly, ensure your makeover plans comply with local building codes and regulations. By conducting this deck-a-nalysis, you’ll know if your wooden deck is ready for a stunning composi-makeover, setting the stage for a seamless and successful transformation.


Composite Decking 101: From Wood to Whimsy – Mastering the Installation:

  • Prepare: Clean and dry the wooden deck, check for structural integrity, and make repairs if needed.
  • Choose: Select high-quality composite decking that suits your style and requirements.
  • Measure and Plan: Accurately measure the deck area, plan the layout, and check recommended joist spacing.
  • Remove and Secure: Remove damaged wood, ensure joists are sturdy and spaced correctly.
  • Start Installation: Lay composite boards from the outer edge to the centre using specific screws.
  • Create a Seamless Look: Cut boards precisely for a professional finish; use fascia boards to cover edges.
  • Complete and Inspect: Check for loose screws and ensure everything is secure.
  • Enjoy: Sit back and relish in the beauty and durability of your new whimsical composite deck!


Dodging Decking Disasters: Smoothly Switching to Composite Delight

  • Ignoring Structural Issues: Address any underlying structural problems in your old deck before installing composite boards to ensure safety and longevity.
  • Inadequate Preparation: Skipping proper cleaning, drying, and levelling can lead to adhesion issues and compromised aesthetics.
  • Incorrect Joist Spacing: Incorrectly spaced joists can cause sagging and instability in your new composite deck.
  • Using Incorrect Fasteners: Opt for composite-specific screws to prevent splitting and ensure secure fastening.
  • Overlooking Ventilation: Proper ventilation beneath the composite deck is essential to avoid moisture-related problems.
  • Neglecting Expansion Gaps: Allow for expansion and contraction of composite boards to prevent buckling.

By being mindful of these common mistakes, you can confidently navigate your composi-makeover journey and enjoy the beauty, durability, and enchantment of your newly transformed outdoor space.



We hope that helped you make a decision in transforming your outdoor space into a low-maintenance, tranquil retreat. Decided to take the plunge on composite decking, visit us online to see our full range of decking options

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