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High Performance & Low Maintenance Composite Wood Cladding

Although wood cladding and stone cladding have a nice appearance, they can be extremely difficult to maintain. Composite wall cladding is the perfect, low maintenance alternative to wooden cladding. It provides high-performance protection and insulation for your home and has the beautiful appearance of natural woodwork. 

4Everdeck has developed a composite wall cladding material that retains the colour and beauty of wood cladding without the hassle of maintenance. Composite wall cladding is a great way to add an attractive, protective layer to an exterior wall, to preserve the quality of your home and keep the exterior clean. If you’re looking for a low-hassle way to transform your home and garden, 4 Everdeck composite wall cladding is the perfect solution. 

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Exterior walls are susceptible to wear and tear, especially during the weather conditions we experience in South Africa. Maintaining wooden wall cladding or a wooden deck can be exhausting work and isn’t worth the hassle. 4 Everdeck’s high-performance wall cladding is the perfect solution to decking maintenance. 

Our cladding wall panels will dramatically reduce maintenance and ensure that your building looks good year after year without having to worry about yearly sanding. Our composite cladding wall tiles are also UV resistant to ensure your decking or walls keep their colour even in very hot weather. 

At 4 Everdeck, we build our wall cladding from a composite material that has the same, beautiful look as natural wood. The attractive appearance of our cladding wall tiles means they can also be used as a feature wall to add to the natural beauty of your home. At 4 Everdeck, we supply a range of high-quality composite wall cladding panels to suit all different building types whether stonewall or tiling. Our exterior wall cladding products are also available in a variety of colours and sizes to match your personal taste and existing home decor.

Dimensions: 21mm x 156mm x 2900mm


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All 4 Everdeck decking and cladding products have been specially designed to match the needs of our South African customers. We use only the best materials that are sustainable and resistant to the extreme weather conditions we often experience in South Africa. However we ensure our products also look attractive and add to the beauty of your home or garden.

If you’re interested in our composite wall cladding products, please get in touch. To ensure a fast and efficient delivery service, we have distributors and installers based in locations across South Africa including Cape Town and Gauteng.


Composite wall cladding is a low maintenance and weatherproof protective layer to an exterior wall. It preserves the quality of your home and keeps the exterior clean. It also provides insulation. Composite wall cladding is made from a blend of wood and plastic, making it anti-rot and resilient, with the attractive appearance of wood. 

Durability is one of the main advantages of composite wall cladding. It is more durable and resilient than wood cladding, due to being made from a combination of wood fibre and plastic. This material is not only more resilient to weather, but insects too. Composite wall cladding also has a high aesthetic value, with the attractive appearance of wood. Another advantage of composite wall cladding is its low maintenance. It only requires simple cleaning, as opposed to any sanding, sealing, or painting.

Composite wall cladding is quite versatile. It is not only the perfect solution to protecting and insulating your home, it is also an easy way to hide any other unsightly walls. Using composite wall cladding is the perfect way to spruce up your home, making it feel brand new without the expense of any knocking down and rebuilding! Composite wall cladding can also be used to build screen fencing, to add a little extra privacy in your back garden. People also use composite wall cladding to add character to their interior walls, or to create one stylish feature wall. 

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To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer up to a 20-year warranty on all our composite products. 

For more information or to enquire about our composite wood decking prices in South Africa, contact us today.


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