Why Use Composite Wood

Why should I use Composite Decking?

Composite decking is the smart choice for anyone thinking of installing a deck in their homes or at a venue. It offers a maintenance free and long lasting solution to all your decking needs. With various textures and hues available it ideally mimics wood – but has none of its weaknesses.

The fantastic weather we have in South Africa means most of us spend a great deal of time outdoors, and that means many outdoor areas can be greatly enhanced with a large deck and, whether around a pool or on a patio, choosing the right product is paramount in order to ensure long lasting enjoyment.

The durable nature of our composite wood means that you can install it anywhere and rest assured that it will stand the test of time without ever splintering, rotting, warping or cracking. Timber decks may have been the most popular choice in the past, but these days more and more people will choose a composite deck for its numerous benefits.

Unlike pine decking or balau decking, composite wood decking can be exposed to the elements without undergoing severe wear and tear. It also won’t splinter like teak decking, which makes it safe for children and anyone walking on it barefoot. In addition to the fact that a composite deck won’t need to be sanded regularly, it is also easy to clean, rendering it virtually maintenance free.

Wood composite decking is immune to infestation from termites and also isn’t susceptible to fungus or mould, which means it will stay looking new for longer.

This environmentally friendly product is recyclable and, due to the fact that it is maintenance free, is well worth the initial cost of laying it down.

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