Lifetime Costs Compared

Lifetime Costs Compared

When selecting a decking material, maintenance is not often factored into the cost. Commercial establishments such as restaurants cannot afford to have their wooden decks out of commission for a few days a year and 4 Everdeck® is a natural choice for them.  

Low maintenance means no more yearly oiling of the deck and possibly re-sanding and re-varnishing every year.  A timber deck requires ongoing maintenance and the costs and hassle add up.

Sanding and treating a well maintained timber deck such as balau or teak costs approximately R50-R100 per square meter per year.  

4Everdeck is not prone to the weaknesses of wooden decking such as mold, termites and decay. It maintains its beautiful look each and every year.

While 4 Everdeck® may appear R50-R100 more expensive to purchase initially, the costs of ownership over a lifetime are dramatically different.

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