Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

Your 4 Everdeck® boards are made from a combination of recycled plastics and hardwood. There may be some residual tannin which may mix with water the first few times the board is wet and will leave marks when the water evaporates. This can be removed with water otherwise they will wash away naturally after the board has been wet/dried several times. The surface colour of the board when exposed to weather over the first 12 – 16 weeks may soften. This natural weathering effect is the result of the residual tannins being washed away and gives the boards a natural look.
4 Everdeck® looks best when kept clean. Sweep clean or use a mop and a garden hose

4 Everdeck® has an antifungal solution added as part of the formulation. This means your composite deck is protected against mould, mildew and germs, including bacteria.

Leaving foreign organic matter such as leaves to build up may allow mould or mildew to develop on the surface. If this happens we recommend using a mild solution of warm water and bleach to clean the mould off. Mould will remain on the surface of the board and will not penetrate the board.

The machined finish of the boards will hide most minor scratches. Be careful not to drag heavy objects across the deck such as planters or heavy furniture. This may scratch the surface. Large scratches can be removed by lightly sanding the surface of the board.

Cleaning Stains

4 Everdeck® composite decking has an open fibrous surface that will stain if oil, grease, wine, red clay, leaf matter (tannin) or rust is allowed to remain on the surface and penetrate the fibres.

The best method of removing stains relies on cleaning the area immediately after the stain occurs (before it soaks in to the cellulose fibre). A mixture of Clean Green & Sunlight Liquid in warm water has been found to work well on general food and drink stains. If immediate cleaning is not possible or the stain has a high fat/oil content, wet the surface of the deck and sprinkle washing powder directly over the stained area, leave for 24-48 hours and then scrub the area with hot water and wash off. For heavy staining several applications may be required.

If all else fails, you can lightly sand the face of the deck board to remove the stain. Please note that over sanding may remove the pattern from the board.

Constant metal contact may produce rust stains on your deck. You should use a protective mat or plastic caps to protect against metal contact from sources such as furniture legs or braais.
In order to avoid heavy grease staining if a large amount of cooking oil/fat is likely to fall from your braai on to the deck a protective mat placed over the decking and covering the area immediately around your braai is highly recommended.

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