4 Everdeck® composite decking is a revolutionary non slip alternative to wood decking that doesn’t rot, warp or splinter — and never needs staining or sealing. Easy to install and easier to maintain, 4 Everdeck® offers you an industry-leading garden decking solution. Manufactured from reclaimed wood fibres and recycled high density polyethylene, 4 Everdeck® is a high performance composite decking product that looks like new, year after year.



The unique hidden fastener system makes installation a breeze and means no more protruding nails or screws. This combined with our splinter-free deck boards make your home safer for pets, kids and yourself!

Wooden decking needs to sanded and varnished every 1-2 years. 4Everdeck NEVER needs sanding, painting or varnishing. The only maintenance needed is a quick spray with your garden hose.

4Everdeck® is a forest friendly product and uses wood byproducts. Our polyethylene plastics are all recycled helping to reduce waste in landfills. 4Everdeck® is healthy for the environment too as we do not have to treat our decking boards with harmful toxins found in pressure treated pine decking.


Wooden decks are susceptible to termites, fungus and decay thus have a far shorter lifespan than composite decking. Thus composite decking is far cheaper over the lifetime of your deck. The wood component in 4Everdeck is coupled with UV stabilizers, which protects the boards from UV damage while providing a natural, attractive look & feel.


Features 4Everdeck® Timber
Clean with water Yes Yes
Does not require annual sealing Yes No
Splinter Free Yes No
10 Year guarantee Yes Yes
Impervious to termites Yes No
Low initial material cost No Yes
Low cost installation Yes No
Low cost of ownership Yes No
Forest Friendly Yes No
Use Standard Woodworking Tools Yes Yes
Available in long lengths Yes No
Identical boards Yes No
Low flame spread rate Yes No
Twist and warp free Yes No
Adds Value to your home Yes Yes



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