4Everdeck vs the rest

Good reasons to choose 4Everdeck Composite Decking

Industry leading guarantee
4 Everdeck® is guaranteed for up to 20 years
and the expected lifespan is in excess of 20 – 25 years

Lower cost of ownership than timber decking
High Quality Composite products may initially appear to be more expensive than timber like balau or teak, however once one takes the maintenance of timber decking into account, as well as the ease of installation of 4 Everdeck® products, you will find that 4 Everdeck® is more cost effective than timber decking.

Installers Countrywide
4 Everdeck® can be installed anywhere in South Africa through our network of trusted installers.

Superior Product - NOT All composites are the same.
If you hold a 4 Everdeck® sample in your hand it will become clear that it is a superior product compared to any other composite decking material available in South Africa. The reversible profiles have the visual qualities of wood but the plank is far sturdier. To find out more about samples please click here.

Maintenance Free
Your free time is a precious commodity that should be spent relaxing at home with friends and family and not using paint brushes and scrapers to sand and oil your deck. Never sand or seal your outdoor deck again. Guaranteed against warping, rotting, cracking, splitting, fungus and termites thus far superior to teak decking and garapa decking.

4Everdeck is the composite of choice
At 4Everdeck we take pride in ensuring that you can create a beautiful maintenance free deck that will provide you with a lifetime of good memories as well as add value to your home. 4Everdeck composite decking products are committed to being environmentally friendly and sustainable ensuring that our planet is cared for to.

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