Decking Calculator

You want to fit decking in your garden, but you don’t know how many lengths of decking you need - never fear, 4everdeck is here, with a useful deck calculator to do the sums for you!

How Does Our Deck Calculator Work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is measure both the length and width of your area to be fitted with decking, and tap those measurements (in metres, and to the nearest whole number) into the relevant boxes.

You’ll instantly get an answer showing the number of lengths of our best-selling 5.8m 4Everdeck® you’ll need to fit your available space.

But there’s more. Our deck calculator also works out how many of our decking clips you’ll need to attach it all together, and be sure that it stays properly locked in place.

Measurements are based on the standard 4Everdeck composite Ultra decking board dimensions of 23mm (depth) x 138mm (width) x 5800mm (length). The figure you’re shown may include some surplus board, and all pieces may need to be cut to different lengths depending on the size and shape of your decking area.

Decking Calculator FAQs

How Much Extra Material Should I Allow For Wastage?

We recommend adding an extra 5% to the total amount of decking materials you order to allow for off-cuts and wastage. Or if you are fitting your boards diagonally, it’s wise to allow an extra 15% so the boards can be lined up straight. (NOTE: Original source of question is

What Tools Can I Use To Cut 4Everdeck Ultra decking boards?

Our decking boards can be cut in the same way as traditional timber deck boards, using ordinary woodworking tools. Choose a sharp medium-toothed blade for your circular or mitre saw to produce a clean edge.

What’s The Best Way Of Looking After My 4Everdeck Ultra decking?

Take a look at this page to see our full guide of how to look after your decking once it has been fitted.

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