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Beautiful decking is made 100 times easier with 4 Everdeck fascia boards. Not only do they provide superior protection, but they also give your decking a flawless finish. Fascia boards are a perfect way to provide a functional finish to your decking project and overcome all the usual challenges you might face with decking maintenance.

If you want your decking to stand out from the rest, fascia boards are essential. Fascia boards do the work for you - they prevent water and weather damage and keep a smooth surface that doesn't splinter. All of our products have a 20-year guarantee and are made from our own eco-friendly and highly durable composite material - you won't find better quality decking protection anywhere else.

Buy 4 Evedeck fascia boards today and enjoy flawless outdoor decking year after year!


Why Choose 4 Everdeck Fascia?

  • 20-year guarantee

  • Developed specifically for the South African market

  • Superior quality

  • Affordable

  • Beautiful appearance

  • Eco-friendly

  • Long-lasting

Available in 4 Colours:

Charcoal Grey, Oyster, Chocolate Brown & Cocoa Brown to match your deck


10mm x 90mm x 2900mm or 10mm x 142mm x 2900mm


Beautiful Appearance

Fascia boards are effective in providing a protective cornice that will smooth over any gaps or bumps in your decking surface. This means a smooth and flawless surface that would be unachievable otherwise! Not only can these eco-friendly wood PVC fascia boards be used to finish off your deck, but you can also use them for screens, plant boxes, outdoor cupboards, garden gates and fencing. Our facia sheeting is also available in a range of colours and sizes to complement your style of decking.


Superior Protection

Fibre cement and nutec fascia boards are commonly found on the market, however, we have developed a material that provides superior protection for your decking. Regular fascia boards and barge boards are susceptible to water damage that leads to rot which is not only difficult to maintain but can quickly become unsightly. 

4 Everdeck uPVC fascia boards, on the other hand, are specifically designed to overcome any challenges you might have faced in the past trying to protect your decking from damage. Unlike solid wood fascias, our fascia boards do all the weather and waterproofing for you! As well as providing protection for decking, they are the ideal replacement for rotten structural timber on old buildings.



4 Everdeck products are made from our own composite decking material, that is made with 100% recycled materials. Not only is 4 Everdeck fascia great to look at, but it's kind to the planet too. A cost-efficient addition to your decking, 4 Everdeck fascia boards will improve the lifespan of your decking significantly and reduce waste - great for you and the planet!


Easy Installation

Protecting your decking is easy with 4 Everdeck. Our fascia boards are very easy to install, only the most basic DIY is necessary to achieve a perfect look. Power tools or hiring a professional builder or joiner simply isn't needed, so you'll also save the money you might have spent on professional services!


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At 4 Everdeck, we understand the demand for high quality and sustainable decking products from our customers in South Africa. We have been working in the building industry for 34 years and are proud to supply a wide range of high-quality composite products from decking to cladding and other decking accessories that allow our customers to get the very best results from their decking.

If you're interested in our fascia boards or related products, then please get in contact for more information. Our distributors and installers are based in locations across South Africa including Gauteng, Cape Town and Nambia. Use our store locator to find the 4 Everdeck suppliers closest to you.

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