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4 Everdeck® composite decking tiles can be installed yourself with almost no experience.  The unique plastic interlocking base makes installation extremely easy. The plastic wood deck tiles have clips that snap together with little force required. Anyone in the house can install the tiles in a couple of hours.  No need for tools (unless you need to trim a tile), messy builders or tilers!

4 Everdeck® decking tiles are primarily for laying on top of concrete or existing solid surfaces such as Balcony Flooring, roof terraces or outdoor showers. The plastic base keeps tiles above ground allowing for water to drain and will not affect your existing waterproofing.

Not only can the tiles can be laid in various patterns but the DIY decking tiles can be uplifted and re used without damaging them. Use 4 Everdeck® Decking tiles directly on top of an existing hard surface for permanent or temporary patios.

4 Everdeck® DIY Decking tiles are available in choice of Chocolate brown, Cocoa Brown, Charcoal Grey and Oyster.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and have a few hours to enhance a small outdoor living area this is the ideal product for you.

Dimensions: 22xmm x 300mm x 300mm



  • Measure the area to be covered and calculate how many tiles you'll need. Tiles are 300mm by 300mm. 11 tiles will cover 1 square metre.
  • Start laying the tiles from one corner of the area to be covered. Place the first tile in position and then clip the adjacent tile in place by pushing it down to engage the special connecting tabs on the sides of each tile.
  • Continue adding tiles this way until the complete area is covered and all the tiles are securely locked in place to each adjacent tile.

Once assembled, our modular tiles are as sturdy as a traditional deck. They can easily be disassembled should you decide to relocate your deck, or take it with you when you move.

Cleanup and maintenance are easy. Simply hose off or wipe your decking tiles as needed for regular cleaning.

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