4everdeck Ultra

4everdeck Ultra

4 Everdeck® Ultra Ash Grey

4 Everdeck® composite Ultra decking boards with a twenty-year guarantee are manufactured using the latest generation co-extruded technology.

Offering unrivaled aesthetics, super strong construction and no maintenance our newest generation of composite decking boards are perfect for giving your decking project a unique, sophisticated look.

4 Everdeck® composite Ultra decking has an outer polymer coating that totally encases the composite material on the inside of the extrusion.  This production method is extremely durable and resistant to weathering and abrasion.

4 Everdeck® composite Ultra decking boards are a semi solid extrusion with round cavities, and this special cross section, results in a decking board that is stiffer and more resistant to mechanical damage.

Dimensions:  23mm x 138mm x 5800mm

4 Everdeck® Ultra Walnut

A 3rd generation composite decking board in a Walnut colour. The Ultra range is ideal for coastal and commercial projects due to the 20 year guarantee.  The 4Everdeck decking boards are available in 5.8 metre lengths.

The wood realistic finish and their brushed, anti-slip finish makes them safe for use in a variety of weather conditions too. They can be machined using standard woodworking tools and can be fastened into place using the concealed decking clips. They should be supported every 350mm by a solid joist.

Dimensions:  23mm x 138mm x 5800mm

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