WPC Decking

Our wood plastic composite (WPC) decking is available in a range of warm colours all designed to complement your unique design preferences and enhance your home or venue. Wood plastic composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibre and thermoplastic materials, which gives you the benefits of hardwood along with the low maintenance of polymers.

WPC looks almost exactly like wood, but what sets it apart from other products is its ability to withstand the outdoors while retaining its shape, texture and strength. In other words, WPC decking will not undergo the warping or twisting that is typical of many wooden decking materials – offering you superb functionality and longevity. You also do not have to concern yourself with splinters or a slippery surface, and the fact that no staining or sealant is necessary further results in a low maintenance (and therefore low cost) solution to outdoor living, dining or pool areas. In addition to all of this, the decking is very easy to clean.

At 4 Everdeck, we have put in much effort to ensure our supply of wood plastic composite decking is made using high quality manufacturing methods. We also supply all the accessories you may need during the installation of your WPC deck, and our railings ensure that you will be able to achieve a unified design at your home or business.

Our 10 year guarantee is a further testament to the quality we value so proudly. Contact 4 Everdeck today to experience the value that wood plastic composite decking can add to your lifestyle.

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