PVC Decking

At 4 Everdeck we offer a great substitute to PVC decking in the form of composite decking. Unlike a PVC deck which looks and feels like plastic, a composite deck is made to mimic every quality you would expect from hardwood, so it provides the right texture while still being easier to maintain and install. You also have a choice between numerous colour options, making it easier to select a tone that suits your preferences.

A composite deck is also resistant to infestation from insects such as termites, whereas the same can’t be said about wood. Overall costs of maintaining composite decking are lower than that of wood, as you do not have to clean it as much and it does not require any treatment. Because composite decking is made from recycled high density polyethylene and reclaimed wood fibres, it is more eco-friendly than PVC decking. Composite decking is also resistant to harsh weather conditions and does not stain.

4 Everdeck composite decks are a perfect balance between plastic decking, such as a PVC deck, and natural wood decking. It does not rot, splinter or warp as a wooden deck would do, and provides the perfect amount of grip, which makes it safe. You can relax in the comfort of knowing that you have a quality deck laid out wherever you choose, as they are engineered with quality and durability in mind.

Enjoy the benefits offered by 4 Everdeck’s long lasting, economical and easy to maintain composite decking. Contact us today to find out more about our great alternative to PVC decking.

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