Pine Decking

In the past, pine decking has been a popular choice for many people around South Africa when it comes to installing a deck at their home or at a venue, but the maintenance costs of wood can sometimes be excessive.

4 Everdeck composite decking offers a sublime alternative to treated pine decking, as it’s not only economical and virtually impossible to tell apart, but it’s also longer lasting and exceptionally light on maintenance.

Pine decks are susceptible to splintering and often need to be sanded down after being exposed to the elements and after extensive use. And with any wood, there’s always the threat of infestations or mould, especially if it hasn’t been treated properly. Living in very damp or humid conditions may also negatively affect your pine decking timber after a few years.

The 4 Everdeck composite decking solution takes all these factors away and leaves you with a superior product that’s built to be more flexible, durable and hassle free. They’re also better for the environment as they can be recycled.

This versatile product comes in a variety of hues and textures to perfectly mimic whatever wood you prefer, and in addition to being immune to termites and fungus, it is guaranteed not to warp, crack, warp or rot.

Many people have made the decision to stop using treated pine decking for structures in their homes due to the fact that the chemicals used to treat the wood to prevent rotting have been said to be hazardous. With our composite wooden decking, this issue becomes null and void.

Though plastic decking may initially appear to be of a higher cost than pine decks, once you take long term maintenance costs into account it is clear that the initial layout for a long lasting and maintenance free product is the smart choice no matter where you live.

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