Patio Designs

Deciding between different patio designs is made simple with the variety offered by 4 Everdeck wood plastic composite decking. The South African landscape offers unique challenges when it comes to installing a patio deck, not to mention the local weather conditions and the size of your garden or business premises.

We understand that our clients are individuals and therefore require unique concepts when it comes to patio decks. When you take into consideration that your new deck will be a permanent fixture on your property for up to 25 years, it becomes even more imperative that you choose the right patio ideas and designs.

The beauty of our composite decking is that it can be cut and fit in exactly the same way as wooden decking. This means it can be used as patio decking around your pool, around a favourite tree in your garden or to spruce up the old patio that you rarely use. You can easily use it by the seaside without the usual worries about the exposure of your wooden deck to the sea air.

Our decking is available in three colours which include chocolate brown, cocoa brown and charcoal grey. By using our decking, your patio will be non-slip and it won’t warp, rot or splinter over time - providing you with smooth and safe patio decking year after year.

Longevity and value for money should always be kept in mind when considering different patio designs, and to make sure you get the best deck available contact 4 Everdeck today.

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