Outdoor Decking

A 4 Everdeck outdoor deck is an investment that will last for the better part of two decades if maintained correctly. It incorporates ingenious design features and is happily placed as a green product. This means that you can reduce your personal carbon footprint by installing some of our outdoor decking.

Our decking has a number of unique qualities that sets it apart from conventional outdoor decking wood. It is made from composite materials that are slip resistant and which do not rot or warp. Additionally, it does not require treatment with wood sealers or staining to keep it in good shape.

These outdoor decks are constructed from reclaimed wood fibres and recycled high density plastic which allows them to withstand wind, rain or sunshine, year after year. The outdoor decking wood component is blended with UV stabilisers that enable it to keep its natural and attractive look. It has also been designed to be splinter free and that makes it safe for your feet and for the kids.

Moreover, maintenance is kept to a bare minimum and the occasional sweep and spray with a hosepipe should suffice to keep it in optimum condition. The material cannot be damaged by termites or any similar insects and is available in a number of different colours to suit almost any environment.

Although the initial investment on your 4 Everdeck outdoor decking may seem more expensive when compared to wood, it becomes just that, an investment. The low maintenance needs of your deck will save you money and allow for more time spent relaxing on it. With an estimated lifespan of over 20 years, you will get many years of joy from your outdoor deck.

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