Eco Decking

If you are looking for an eco deck that is easy to maintain and easy to install, then 4 Everdeck composite decking is what you need. Our composite decks are made from 100% recycled polymer resins and reclaimed wood fibres, making it more environmentally friendly than PVC and other decking materials.

As sustainability is a major concern, the effective use of materials when making decks is very important. Our eco decking does not waste precious materials such as wood, but instead makes full use of its residual waste, which in most instances would be thrown away. Because it does not warp, rot or splinter, composite decking requires little maintenance.

Eco decks have become a popular choice for environmentally conscious individuals, especially those who would like to practice a more sustainable culture with a reduced carbon footprint. Our composite decks offer the same texture as hardwood and come in different colours, but have a reduced impact on the environment.

Not only do our composite decks set an eco deck benchmark, but also supply a great amount of support and grip, making them safe to install around pool, braai and patio areas. As they require little maintenance, your costs throughout the lifetime of a deck are greatly reduced when you have eco decking such as our composite decks installed.

4 Everdeck composite eco decks are a great alternative to both wooden and PVC decking, as they are environmentally friendly and have the inherent features of wood. Make your home a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment today. Contact 4 Everdeck to find out how we can help you acquire an eco deck that suits your preferences.

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