DIY Decking

If you’re under the impression that you need a professional in order to build a deck we have great news for you. With DIY decking tiles from 4 Everdeck, this is no longer necessary. Our deck building solution is convenient and simple – all you need to do is lay the tiles down and click them together using interlocking bases.

These tiles can be placed on existing structures, such as a concrete base, which makes them ideal for situations where you want to improve the appearance of a balcony or even an outdoor shower. They will allow for the draining of water and have the same stability as standard decking. DIY decking tiles also permit some room for creativity as you can craft different patterns with them.

Another firm advantage of building a deck with DIY decking tiles is that they offer solutions for those who own homes as well as those who are renting. This is because they are so easy to install and remove that you can simply pack the tiles up and take them along with you when you move to another house. In addition - despite the fact that these tiles can be used as a temporary solution, they are long lasting.

As the tiles are made from composite decking material rather than wood, you will be gaining a number of other advantages such as a non-slip and splinter free surface, no twisting or warping, and the fact that they are environmentally friendly. In addition to this, no staining or sealing is necessary.

In other words, not only will you be saving costs on initial installation but you are also going to be saving money on maintenance costs as you do not have to be concerned about sanding and sealing the composite decking material. Cleaning the deck will also be as easy as hosing the area down or washing the tiles with water and soap.

To take advantage of all of the above features, get in touch with 4 Everdeck to find out more about enhancing outdoor areas when you build a deck using DYI deck tiles.

    Product specifications:
  • Tile size: 300 x 300 mm
  • 11 tiles are necessary for each m²

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