Patio And Deck Furniture Trends For Modern Spaces

Patio And Deck Furniture Trends For Modern Spaces

Monday, October 31, 2016
With design ideas galore and minimum investment requirements, well-selected patio and deck furniture are the answer to any exterior design dilemma. The perimeter of a home deserves just as much attention as the rest of the property, in order to create an all-around harmonious living environment. From the foundation to deck furniture and decorations, a backyard or garden can be transformed into a sanctuary of tranquillity or the most exciting activity area in the house. Get inspired with the latest outdoor furniture trends and ideas to complement your modern home below.

Patio and deck furniture trends

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1. Why Invest in a Patio or Deck?
2. Patio or Deck?
3. Best Solutions for Decking
4. Patio and Deck Furniture for Endless Fun
5. Patio and Deck Furniture Set Designs
6.Ask the Professionals!

Chapter 1: Why Invest in a Patio or Deck?

When designing a house from ground up – or redecorating a recently-bought home – patios or decks often go overlooked. Initially, homeowners believe that it would be an additional, unnecessary investment in an already costly process. However, with just a small budget, a dash of creativity and a multi-purpose approach, you can make your front or backyard just as radiant as your interiors.

1. Minimum Investment for Great Results

a) Increased Outdoor Space
If you live in a residential area, you already have a yard around your house. Why not make the most of it? Summers easily turn into a source of endless fun or relaxation, provided you put some thought into exterior home improvement. You can extend your living area and turn the space you already have outdoors into the family’s favourite chill spot.
b) Easy Maintenance for High Quality Products
As long as you make a small initial investment in quality decking materials, maintenance will be minimal. Long gone are the days when you had to spend hours on end replacing deteriorated planks in your wooden deck. Nowadays, plastic deck tiles are designed with antifungal solutions in their core structure and only require a bit of water to wash the surface.
c) Advice for Long-Lasting patios & Decks
If you truly want to keep your deck shining for years and years, all you have to do is follow a few simple maintenance guidelines:
  • If a decking tile was stained, try to clean it as soon as possible.
  • Use protective caps on the legs of any metal furniture so the deck won’t be affected by rust.
  • Do not drag any heavy objects on the deck in order to prevent scratches.

2. Best Solutions for Outdoor Activities

a) The Benefits of Garden Decking
One of the most popular solutions for improving your backyard in recent years is garden decking. While it maintains the vibe of wood and even looks like it, garden decking is made from weather-resistant materials that don’t require hours on end of scrubbing or replacements. Not only are there numerous shades available (like charcoal grey or chocolate brown), but you can also put your garden deck to multiple uses.
b) Railings for Style & Safety
We’re all for refinement, but we also want to highlight the importance of safety. Railings are a must for high decks, especially if the homeowner has young children. Appropriate also for balconies or verandas, railings add to the general aesthetic of your exterior, all while maintaining security.
c) Customisable Pool Decking
Any residential pool deserves a deck that’s just as chic. Regardless of shape, size or location, professional pool decking can provide the perfect frame. Owing to the durable, waterproof materials involved, a pool deck will not only stand the test of time, but it will also be a beautiful addition to your backyard oasis.
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Chapter 2: Patio or Deck?

1. Patio - Designs, Trends, and Maintenance

a) Increased Privacy with Cladding
If you prefer an intimate environment instead of a setting out in the open, a patio with cladding is the best way to go. To put it shortly, cladding means adding fascia boards to your patio, similar to walls. It is a natural way of ensuring privacy without completely closing off your patio area. Fascia boards come in shades like cocoa brown or oyster, ideal for blending into the surroundings.
b) Latest Trends for the Whole Family

Creme de la Creme

Crème de la Crème

Those who want a patio with a more rustic feeling to it can go for a warm, beige colour pallet. Feel free to play around with tones of light brown and white until you get the perfect mix to match the colours of your house.

Wrought iron finishes

Wrought Iron Finishes

As far as patio furniture is concerned, wrought iron is an excellent choice. It works amazingly with the blue stones typically used for patios while contrasting with any wooden finishes your house might have.

Green paradise

Green Paradise

If you have a soft spot for nature, you can combine your patio and garden for the ultimate green lounge. Choose white furniture for a stunning contrast with your surrounding plants and trees.
c) Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Patios
Maintenance tips for patios vary depending on the materials used. Here is some advice according to the type of patio you have:
  • Wash with garden hose.
  • Use dishwashing liquid as the cleaning solution.
  • Wait for the surface to dry before applying any sealer.
  • Polish your patio periodically.
  • Re-seal the stones every 1-2 years.
  • Clean the patio thoroughly 2-3 times a year with water and slate cleaner.
Plastic tiles
  • Wash with water.
  • Use warm water mixed with a bit of bleach to remove any mould.
  • Sweep when performing regular maintenance.

2. Deck - Create Space in the Garden

a) Original Deck Furniture & Accessories
We’ll talk a lot more about options for materials, styles, and accessories below, but we first wanted to let you know the main options available. Even though these aren’t the only solutions you have at hand, they are some of the most popular:
Deck furniture materials
  • Wrought iron
  • Wicker
  • Classic wood
  • String lights
  • Hammock
  • Bird bath
b) Best Tips for Lighting
Like we just mentioned, string lights are a lovely way to make any evening on your deck glow. Not only are they inexpensive, but they can be strung around your deck, in nearby trees or anywhere else in the perimeter. Post lights are also recommended if your deck has railings – not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety. An XXL floor lamp can also brighten your nights while maintaining cosiness.
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Chapter 3: Best Solutions for Decking

1. Composite  Materials: Modern Alternative to Wood

Decking tiles not only look breath-taking, but they are also an environmentally friendly solution for the wooden decks that were used not long ago. They are made from recycled materials, promoting the reuse of resources instead of throwing them away. In addition to this, they are easier to maintain all year round.

2. Decking Tiles - Original Style & Design

Aside from their eco-friendly origins, decking tiles are also absolutely beautiful. They come in distinct colours that cater to even the strictest of preferences, all while maintaining balance with the home. Even more so, they’re so easy to use that you can even set them up yourself.

3. Decking Types for Your Space

a) Sun Decking
If the designated area is uncovered by any roof and is directly exposed to the elements, you’ll need sun decking. Make sure you use durable materials that won’t wear and tear due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
b) Eco Decking
Instead of using regular wood, go for composite tiles like the ones we mentioned before. You will be protecting the environment while installing a strong, weather-resistant deck.
c) Synthetic Decking
Even though it isn’t as eco-friendly as composite deck tiles, synthetic decking is also an option you have at hand. PVC is the most common, but you can talk to your local decking professionals for any detailed inquiries.
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Chapter 4: Patio and Deck Furniture for Endless Fun

1. Outdoor Oasis with Dining Sets

Outdoor oasis

Why stay cooped up indoors during the summer when you can enjoy your family meals on the deck? One of the greatest benefits of having a deck is being able to easily change your settings when spending quality time with your loved ones, from meals to meetings.

2. Leisure Area by the Pool

Leisure area by the pool

Go for a quick swim and then have a seat for some chit-chat with your friends on the deck. If you have a pool in your backyard, a deck becomes almost necessary for maintaining safety and comfort outside of the water.

3. Sports & Outdoor Activities for Children

Sports and outdoor activities

Give your kids the outdoor playground they have always dreamed of. A deck cannot only border a pool full of accessories, but it can also provide a safe surface for other outdoor games. Here are just a few ideas that will get your little ones excited:
  • Hide and seek
  • Jump rope
  • Blind man's bluff
  • Slip and slide
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Chapter 5: Patio and Deck Furniture Set Designs

Most companies sell patio or deck furniture as a set, so you won’t have to do any extra shopping. These sets all vary in size, materials, and shapes. Therefore, you will certainly find an option to blend in with your deck area.

1. Stylish Outdoor Dining & Sitting Area

a) Metal Sets for Traditional Design

Metal patio furniture

The best part about choosing a metal deck furniture set for your deck or patio is its traditional and modern mix. While metal deck furniture has been used for centuries, it still has a modern feel to it that makes it perfect for recent architectural trends.
b) Wooden Sets for a Vintage Look

White wooden garden furniture

Remember what we said about deck tiles mirroring the image of wood? Well, another benefit is that you can pair your composite deck with wooden deck furniture to make the look complete. You can get white deck furniture or paint it yourself for an immaculate glow.
c) Wicker Sets with a Rustic Feel

Wicker garden furniture

Wicker combines practicality with elegance quite like no other material. It is a cost-effective solution for pretty deck furniture without compromising your design. Furthermore, wicker sets allow you to change pillows as often as you’d like.

2. Don't Forget the Accessories!

a) DIY Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

bucket plant pot

Bucket Vase or Plant Holder

Transform an old bucket from your garden into a vintage plant holder. Even though the example above is simple, you can embellish your new accessory with colours that match your deck furniture. Even more, turn it into a vase to house the latest flowers from your garden.

DIY string lights

DIY String Lights

To make your very own lighting, get a string of white Christmas lights and surround the tiny bulbs with opaque globes. It’s the easiest way to make outdoor party lights without having trouble shopping for them.
b) Pillows, Covers & Decorations

patio pillows

Fluffy accessories are a must if you want your family and guests to feel comfortable while lounging on your deck. Make sure that you have plenty of pillows, blankets and other comfortable accessories you can curl up in.
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Chapter 6: Ask the Professionals!

1. Present Your Project

No matter how far-fetched your ideas might be, you should present it to a team of professionals that can turn your dream into reality. Contact an experienced company for any questions you might have; they’ll be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

2. Get Tips & Cost Estimates

A quality company will provide useful tools like a decking calculator to see how much material you will need. Also, they should have plenty of resources for current and future customers regarding maintenance, benefits and more. Learn more about a beloved team in your area and start creating the deck or patio you have always wanted.
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